Top 4 places in Europe to invest in the real estate market

European property market now is a highly lucrative place to invest in. With the economic growth and various government initiatives, investing in the real estate market in Europe will give good returns. Here are the top 4 places in Europe to invest.



The properties are cheaper in Birmingham compared to London. The city is attracting employers like HSBC. There is growth in the market, making it a good place to invest in.



Germany’s capital is one of the best places you can invest in. Growth in the technology sector has made it a good option for getting office space. The living cost is low here. It’s culture and location has increased its housing prospects.



There has been more than $5 billion investment in the properties over the last few years. It has a diverse group of occupiers. There is a huge demand for offices from the business services, trade sectors, small businesses and the media. Construction in these sectors is expected to increase.



Those who have already invested in the Dublin real estate market or will invest soon will see highest total returns. There will be rental growth for offices. The retail sector is expected growth in the coming years.

If you invest in one of these cities soon, you can expect high returns due to the property sector growth of these cities. So, do some research and enter these markets as soon as possible to get the best deal. If you want to check the real estate market from Australia, check FSORBO.


5 factors to consider when investing in an overseas property market

More people are now investing in overseas properties. But they often have to face with lots of challenges. Here are the important factors you should consider when investing in properties abroad.

Funding options

The securing fund is a challenge in a foreign market. You are subject to international laws, and things are discussed in terms of local currencies. You should get an ‘Agreement in Principle’ before finalizing your purchase. This will act as a protection in case you cannot extend your loan or cannot reclaim your original deposit.

Tax liability

Every country has its law regarding tax. In some countries, home owners have to pay land tax as a prerequisite for getting a mortgage. You might have to pay for stamp duty, title transfer tax, etc. You must incorporate all these tax-related costs in your budget.

Local money and exchange rates

It is necessary to understand the local value of currency and exchange rates. You need to get a Certificate of Incorporation to open a bank account if you have to bring money from your home country. This will help you to pay legal fees and tax debts.

Get an independent valuation

Even though the task may be difficult, you should obtain an individual evaluation of your property. This will guarantee the integrity of the property.

Research the location

You should research the location, amenities, transport system, etc. If you want to live there, this factor is very important. For example, if you have children, you need to find out if there are good schools in the region.

Before investing in a foreign property market, you should first decide why you want to buy the property. This will help you to stay focused and take steps carefully.


4 reasons to invest in properties abroad

Many investors think this year as the best year for investing in the real estate market. There were 11% returns on global property investment in 2014, and the trends seem to be upward every year. Here are some reasons for investing in properties abroad.

European Growth

Americans and people from other countries are looking forward to investing in Europe. Most of them are finding properties in London, Paris, and Frankfurt. They are investing in holiday homes, offices, luxury retail spaces and shopping centers.

Protecting capital

Those who have cash in hand investing in property may be a good option to get some good return for their money. They can benefit from the exchange rate. This business is secured as the real estate market has high demand now.

Buy beachfront property

Beachfront property always has demanded. Europe is a great destination for holidaymakers. There are resort builders and other developers who will help you in selling your property.

Cash Flow in Alternate Currency

By investing in Europe or other international real estate market, you are generating income in another currency. So, in case your home country has an economic crisis, you can have alternate funds.

Investors are turning to the European real estate market to get a good income return. The European real estate markets are huge with great liquidity. The economy of Europe is improving. The return of investment is higher in European markets. So, if you are thinking of investing in the foreign market, it is the best time to do so.