Should You Outsource IT to Virtual Assistants?

If you ask the average person to describe his or her idea of what virtual assistants do, chances are you’ll hear descriptions such as “secretarial work” or “personal assistance duties” 90% of the time.

Before they became virtual, home-based employees were tasked primarily to handle secretarial work and personal assistance duties. But when the Internet started to take shape; particularly in the 1990’s with dial-up services, the virtual assistant position began to take shape.

Today, the virtual assistance industry is teeming with a variety of talent. You can find a virtual assistant who is qualified to oversee any service your business requires.

Does that include IT services?

The answer is “Yes”.

IT or Information Technology has remained an in-demand skill. This is especially true in the present age because life and work has increasingly become dependent on technology.

In fact outsourcing IT services is a booming segment in virtual assistance work. More companies and businesses are looking to outsource IT services because it is a cheaper, yet equally effective option than putting up an in-house department. IT- related work has been one of the most popular online jobs since 2014.

A comprehensive study made by online jobsite giant and freelancer marketplace Elance-Upwork revealed the following numbers that support the growing demand for virtual IT services:

$486 Million spent on technology services
$83 Million spent on website design and multimedia
$71 Million spent on mobile technology
43% growth in the career earnings of IT freelancers
68% increase in the demand for website designers
54% increase in the demand for front-end web developers
45% increase in the demand for iOS mobile developers
111% increase in job growth for 3D Design
61% increase in job growth for Source Code Management

The countries that are extensively contracting the services of virtual assistants are economic powerhouses such as:

The United States
The United Kingdom

According to Elance, most of the virtual assistants or freelancers are coming from the Philippines, Bangladesh, United States, Romania and Russia.

The growth in popularity of outsourcing IT services from these developed countries prove that contracting virtual assistants to manage website design, software development and computer graphics design is a viable idea.

Demand for IT services is expected to increase in 2017 due to the following factors:

Increasing number of smart phone users; it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 6.1 Billion smart phones operating in the world.

Growing importance of having mobile website design or a dedicated mobile website for your business. Unless your website is accessible by mobile gadgets, it will not benefit your business.

Increasing popularity of mobile software applications. People are becoming more dependent on mobile apps to function in their everyday lives. It isn’t just about finding a taxi service or counting calories. Business applications are in demand to support enterprises that are more mobile.

Increasing demand and growth of online business. The E-Commerce industry generates US$3 Trillion per year. You can expect more online entrepreneurs proliferate the Internet over the next few years.

So if you’re planning to have a website or a software app for your business, don’t hesitate to consider delegating these services to virtual assistants. Not only will you save money, but you will get top quality service and world class products.


3 Areas That Defined the Modern Virtual Assistant


The modern Virtual Assistant has clearly evolved light years ahead of his or her predecessors. A big reason is the increased demand for virtual assistance services. Demand is fueled by factors such as business uncertainty and unpredictable changes in market behavior.
Outsourcing work to virtual assistants has always been an effective strategy during ambiguous times, but today’s modern Virtual Assistant offers more advantages to business.
Here are the 3 areas which have defined the modern Virtual Assistant:
Talent Mix – Sure virtual assistants could still manage your e-mail, schedule meetings and organize your calendar. But virtual assistants were no longer contracted just to perform secretarial duties and personal assistant services.

Businesses started looking into the possibility of outsourcing more than just non- essential tasks but also highly- skilled and technical tasks. As demand for outsourcing services grew, so did the talent mix in the virtual assistance industry.

By the dawn of the new millennium, virtual assistance was opening its doors for opportunities to those with diverse skill sets. Today it is no longer uncommon to find virtual assistants with the following competencies:

  • Accounting
  • IT Management
  • Website Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Software App Development
  • iOS Mobile Development
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Translation Services

The diversity in talent mix makes it possible for businesses to run its operations purely with virtual assistants.


The Internet was a big factor in the growth of the virtual assistance industry as well as the evolution of the Virtual Assistant.

In the 1990’s, the Internet was not accessible to everyone. Approximately only 16 million of the world’s population or 0.4% had access to the Internet in 1995.

By the year 2000, there was an estimated 304 Million people or 5% of the world’s population with access to the Internet. Today, nearly 50% of the world’s population or 3.3 Billion people have access to the Internet.

IT companies capitalized on the exponential growth in the use and popularity of the Internet by introducing social networks, online programs and processes to enhance our way of life and businesses.

By 2014, mobile technology had evolved to the point of becoming the primary source of online traffic. Smart phones and other mobile gadgets were essential not just for managing day- to- day activities but also business functions.

Technology has given the modern Virtual Assistant more tools to provide better services, a more diversified menu mix which has increased the overall value proposition.


The combination of diversified skill set and the availability of advanced technology has changed the purpose of the Virtual Assistant in business.

The Virtual Assistant is no longer just a contracted remote worker tasked to manage a specified set of responsibilities. The Virtual Assistant has become a strategic partner in the business.

Clients are not just looking for virtual assistants qualified to render excellent quality of work. They are looking for talent who could help them contribute ideas and develop the business.

Clients realize that the modern Virtual Assistant has the experience and expertise they need to take their business to the next level. This is why many virtual assistants are given exclusive contracts or working arrangements with clients.

As global conditions continue to remain unpredictable, businesses will continue to depend on the Virtual Assistant to help them navigate through the challenges ahead. In ways, today’s modern Virtual Assistant is seen as a Virtual Partner.

application check for tenancy

How To Apply For Tenancy In Australia

Renting property in Australia can be quite an experience. In the first place, the competition could be tough. People are always on the lookout for property to rent. Second, there may be a fewer places available for rent as demand continues to outpace supply. But if you have found a place that fills most of your requirements especially your budget, then it’s time to shift focus and apply for tenancy.

Make a Good Impression

In ways, applying for tenancy in Australia is like applying for a job. In a market where supply is tight, you could find yourself competing with others who are interested in the same property.

Thus the first step is to make a good impression on the property agent, Property Manager or landlord.

The agent and landlord or Property Manager will decide to whom exclusive possession of the property would be awarded to. Similar to a recruiter or a Hiring Manager, you must create a strong first impression:

  • Dress professionally as if you were going to a job interview.
  • Be punctual; you should be at the property 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the landlord.
  • Introduce yourself properly and ask questions in a polite manner.
  • Bring all the required documents with you. Make sure all proof of identification are updated and neatly organized.

You can be assured the landlord will verify all of your submitted documents. If you are in a tenancy database, it would be in your best interest to share your story with the landlord.

The tenancy database presents a list of tenants who have had problems with their previous landlords.

Inspect the Property

Before finalizing your decision to apply for tenancy, you should always inspect the property. This can be arranged with the real estate agent or the landlord. It is also possible for the agent to schedule an Open House where the property can be viewed by interested lessees.

Here are a few tips to consider when inspecting the property:

Ask the agent or the landlord if they can provide you a copy of the tenant application form.

Bring someone who is knowledgeable in home repairs. This person could be an architect, interior designer, general contractor or engineer.

Take a few minutes after the inspection to begin preliminary discussions with the landlord or agent.

Be ready with your list of questions.

As a ready reference, you can use

Applying for Tenancy

If you have decided on applying for tenancy, you will need to fill up the tenant application form as provided by the agent or landlord. You will also be required to submit some of the documents listed below:

  • Proof of Identification such as driver’s license, passport, Medicare card, health care card or birth certificate. Make sure the driver’s license or passport are valid and the birth certificate is a certified true copy.
  • Names and contact information of references such as your former landlord.
  • Proof of income or employment certification.
  • Rent payment receipts or statements of account
  • Bank details or authenticated bank statement.

For the landlord to contact your references, prepare and sign a privacy consent form. It will boost your case to talk to your references, advise them to expect a call from a landlord and the purpose of the communication.

Application Fees

There are only 4 types of fees that a landlord can ask from a prospective tenant:

  • Option Fee – More like goodwill money; covers the period the landlord is verifying your documents and application form.
  • Rental Deposit – Covers 4 weeks rent.
  • Advanced Rent – Covers 2 weeks rent.
  • Key Deposit – Withheld with your ID until such time the key to the property is turned over to you.

In the event your application is declined by the landlord or you decide to discontinue your pursuit of the property, the Option Fee should be turned over to you in full and in cash within 7 days.

Next Steps

If your application has been approved by the landlord, you will be invited to a meeting to formalize the tenancy agreement. You have to be ready to pay the Rental Deposit, Advanced Rent and Key Deposit.

Ask the landlord if the Option Fee can be applied to any of the required deposits. This will make the process move faster.

Finalize the move- in date with your landlord. It will determine the start date of your tenancy agreement.

If the application for tenancy was not successful, take the time to talk to the landlord. Get his or her thoughts on why you were declined. This information may help you get approved for your next tenancy application.


Is it Possible to Run Your Business Entirely with Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants have been in great demand the last few years. Businesses have been able to expand and thrive despite the absence of shared space collaboration. Why are virtual assistants so valuable to business?

Reduce Business Costs – Virtual assistants are self- employed; they run their own business which offers virtual assistance services. Thus, you only pay them for the hours they render for your business. In addition, you don’t pay them benefits neither do you incur other costs because they are accountable for their own expenses.

Increase Productivity – Business owners and entrepreneurs contract virtual assistants so they can delegate some tasks and free up their time to attend to more pressing business matters. By contracting virtual assistance services, you are no longer tied down with non- essential tasks such as e-mail filtering, phone handling and appointment setting.

Improve Work Quality – You can find a Virtual Assistant to fill in any job your business needs. More regular office workers are becoming virtual assistants because of the high demand and convenience the career offers. Many virtual assistants have the experience and expertise to assure you of top quality work.

Given these 3 advantages, would it be possible to run a business entirely with virtual assistants?

The answer is “Yes” but it will take time, effort and plenty of planning.

Review Your Numbers – If you plan on contracting virtual assistants, it must mean business is looking good and you feel an expansion is in order.

But don’t pull the trigger until you are absolutely sure the conditions are there to validate the need for expansion.

The first thing you need to do is review your numbers. Are sales increasing according to projections? Is your current infrastructure sufficient to handle more volume? Will your output suffer if you don’t scale up?

In business, strategy follows numbers not the other way around. If your numbers support an expansion, prepare a budget plus projections on income and cash flows.

Review Your Business Model – Are you adding new departments to your business? For example, if you are planning to focus on new business development you may want to set up an online marketing team.

If you want to retain markets, you could hire virtual assistants to manage customer support.

Determine the Required Skills – Once you’ve firmed up your system and inputted the new frameworks and processes, you can now focus on the specific talent.

Write down the types of skills you are looking for in virtual assistants. An example would be:

Marketing – Digital marketing, content writing, social media, lead generation
Sales – Telemarketing, E-mail campaign management, phone handling
Customer Support – Outbound sales support, chat support, e-mail support

Create a Development Time- Table – You don’t have to hire all of these virtual assistants at the same time. This is where a development time-table comes in handy.

Here’s an example of a development time-table:

Month 1 to 2 – Marketing
Design marketing campaign
Set up online accounts
Run campaign
Follow posting and blogging schedule
Engage as often as possible
Target 2,000 new followers
Generate leads list

Month 3 – Sales
Call on leads
Convert 20% to sales
Install Customer Support facilities

In this example, you would only need the marketing VA in Month1. But by Month 2, assuming your numbers are on track, you should already qualify candidates for Sales VA.

In Month 3, you should already have sales and customer support working to bring in more revenues for your business.

There are many entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses with virtual assistants. It will not be easy as it will take time for operations to run smoothly. Remember even the best virtual assistants have a Learning Curve they have to negotiate. But if you stay the course, your business could be thriving purely on the power of virtual assistants.


How a Virtual Assistant can Maximize Your Social Media Campaign

One of the most important tasks you should delegate to your Virtual Assistant is social media marketing. Many people associate social media with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But social media marketing is an entirely different endeavor than just posting images of your dessert or the latest meme on Donald Trump.

With a clear purpose and a correct strategy, your social media accounts could help increase sales for your business.

Just because you are active in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram does not make you a social media expert. A successful social media campaign needs thought, design and implementation. It also requires time which as a business owner, you do not have.

This is why many business owners or entrepreneurs delegate social media marketing to virtual assistants that have experience and expertise on running campaigns.

How will a Virtual Assistant maximize your social media campaign?

Design the Creative Brief – The strategy design summarizes the purpose, objectives, vision, courses of action and time-table of your social media campaign. These are compiled and presented to the client as the Creative Brief. The content of the Creative Brief shall be based on research conducted by the Virtual Assistant. Research methodologies include online references, surveys and interview.

Choose the Social Networks – Not all social networks are the same. Each network caters to a specific community and has its own culture. Your Virtual Assistant will identify the best social networks for your business. The decision will be based on research done for the Creative Brief and should support the campaign. A typical strategy for startups would be:

  • Twitter – Market Acquisition
  • Facebook – Content Distribution
  • LinkedIn – Content Distribution and Networking

Organize the Team – A Virtual Assistant may ask you to bring in other virtual assistants who could micro-manage specific areas of social media marketing. For example:

  • Content Writer – Write blogs, articles for the website, Facebook, Linked.
  • SEO Professional – Optimize website pages and all content for publication.
  • Graphics Designer – Come up with catchy designs for the social media pages.

The Social Media VA will attend to the posting schedule of all blogs, direct engagement with respondents and qualifying potential connections.

Implement the Schedule – Social media networks have their own set of nuances. The frequency of posts, length and content will widely differ depending on the network. Here are a few examples:

  • Twitter
    Length – 71 to 100 characters
    Frequency – 3 Tweets per day
  • Facebook
    Length – 40 characters
    Frequency – 2 Posts per day
  • LinkedIn
    Length – 25 words
    Frequency – Once a day
  • Blogs
    Length – 1,600 words
    Frequency – 3 times a week
  • Google Plus
    Length – 60 words
    Frequency – 3 Posts a day

The Virtual Assistant will prepare and strictly follow a posting schedule. All content will be prepared by the Content Writer.

Provide Consistent Analysis – Online marketing including social media is an evolving process. It is not realistic to expect your campaign to hit a home run right away. Your Virtual Assistant knows changes on the selection of social media networks, scheduling and content may have to change until such time your business gains consistent traction.

The Virtual Assistant will be studying online analytics to have a clearer picture on how the social media campaign is shaping up and performing.

Social media marketing is an efficient and effective way to create greater exposure for your business. It may take time to bear fruit but surely you will end up with more followers and enhanced awareness on your products and services than when you first started. Converting these into sales will be another matter that can also be done by a Virtual Assistant.


4 Unconventional Ways to Qualify Your Virtual Assistant

When hiring a Virtual Assistant, many business owners are content with just the interview and conducting a few basic tests. While these are tried and tested methods, they may not be sufficient in helping you find the best Virtual Assistant for your business.

To do that, you have to think outside the virtual box. Here are 4 unconventional ways to qualify your Virtual Assistant:

Trial Period

Would you buy a car without test driving it? What if there is computer error or defective brakes? Your life is literally in your hands by not opting for the test drive.

In the case of a Virtual Assistant, the life of your business could be in virtual hands if you don’t opt for the trial period.

It is standard procedure for VA candidates to agree to a trial period. This is paid time anyway and usually does not take more than 2 hours. The purpose of the trial period is to see how the Virtual Assistant performs in an actual work situation.

It is not a guarantee that you will find the best candidate. But at the very least, you will get a glimpse of how it is to work when outsourcing services.

Check Their Social Media Pages

Is it snooping around? Is checking someone else’s social media pages unethical? No. As a matter of fact, 60% of hiring managers would check a candidate’s social media account as part of the process.

Over the years, more businesses are placing greater value on the behavioral component than technical and fundamental competencies. After all, anyone can be trained but values have been ingrained by a lifetime of experiences. Among the factors hiring managers look into are as follows:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs
  • Images of drinking or drug use
  • Discriminatory comments on gender, race or religion
  • Negative remarks on previous employer
  • Poor spelling and grammar

Make Work Uncomfortable

A Virtual Assistant is technically contracted not hired. This means you can terminate the contract any time. You should continue to qualify your Virtual Assistant especially during the first month of the working engagement.

Put the VA’s commitment and dedication to the test by making work uncomfortable. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Schedule his or her work shift during late night or graveyard hours.
  • Schedule work and meetings on weekends especially on Sunday.
  • Give unrealistically tight deadlines.
  • Ask the VA to preside over meetings and to cover presentations in Power Point.

Do this for a period of 2 weeks. If your Virtual Assistant passes with flying colors, implement a normal working schedule.

If not, hire another one and repeat the process.

Contact References

Another standard procedure in the hiring process is for the candidates to provide references. This includes former clients, employers and associates. But some business owners do not check up on these references.

If you want to know how your candidate performs, talk to someone who has worked with him or her. Take the time to contact the references and if possible, reach out via phone.

You also need to check on the background of the reference. He or she could just be a bogus character “hired” to give you a good review.

Are you going overboard by implementing any of these strategies? Ask yourself, “How much do you value your business?”

Going back to the analogy about the car, would you trust your car to someone you don’t know?

Your business is your livelihood. You should tightly scrutinize the people you allow to be part of it. This is especially true when the person works from the virtual world where close, shared space collaboration is not possible.

Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes

Virtual Assistant Transcription Services: Accuracy and Productivity Guaranteed

One of the fastest growing segments in the Virtual Assistant market is transcription services. Accuracy and precision are needed to ensure quality of work and services. This is especially true in the case of the medical and legal fields where flawed information could influence life or death situations. It is not enough to have information recorded; there have to be copies in black and white.

Transcription is the process of converting audio files into text files. Doctors and lawyers can either e-mail audio files or speak through software that automatically records, files and categorizes information. The audio files are stored in highly encrypted file sharing programs which can be accessed only by authorized transcribers.

It used to be that transcription services were done in-house due to the confidential nature of some of the files. Patients’ medical records for one are very confidential especially if the patient is influential. The same goes for legal information which could potentially jeopardize the position and strategies of the firm.

But in 2006, an enterprising virtual assistant by the name of Aretha Gaskin felt it was impossible to accurately oversee or manage all of the documents and administrative work required by a law firm. She started a virtual legal transcription company that managed the documentary and administrative needs of law firms in New York City.

Medical transcription work used to be done within the hospital. But soon, hospitals realized that it was more costly to maintain an in-house transcription team. The software programs were also expensive to maintain. A viable solution was simply to outsource medical transcription work to agencies that could guarantee accuracy, timely delivery and security.

Another branch of transcription is close caption work. This is basically sub- titling which you see in many cable network shows, film and videos. The purpose of sub- titling is to accommodate the needs of the hearing- impaired.

Other industries that have reached out to transcription service providers are business and education. Companies often have their meetings and seminars audio recorded while schools may allow students to record lectures.

Virtual assistants are very capable of providing accurate and timely transcription services. What qualities should you look for in a Virtual Assistant transcriber?

Excellent Level of English – While having a background in the field of study is important, it is more valuable to have excellent command of the English Language. The Virtual Assistant transcriber must have excellent grammar, spelling and knows how to use punctuation marks. The incorrect use of punctuation marks can change the content of a legal document.

Works in a Quiet Area – Set up a Skype call with the Virtual Assistant candidate for transcription and pay close attention to background noise and the quality of the audio. In order to be accurate, the transcriber has to be able to focus 100%. Background noise will be a source of distraction and may affect quality of work.

Meticulous; Detail-Oriented – The best transcriber is the one who is mindful about deadlines but takes the time to review the details of the transcription before submitting them. In medical transcription, patient names could sound the same but have a different spelling. Even a name as popular as “Smith” could be spelled as “Smythe”. The transcriber has to take steps to make sure all information is accurate.

A Virtual Assistant can deliver transcription work with an accuracy rating of 99%+. And because a Virtual Assistant operates from home and manages his or her time, punctual delivery and more focused work should be expected.


How a Virtual Assistant can Increase Your Productivity by 300%

Productivity is an everyday concern of many entrepreneurs. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will not only ensure consistent productivity but with proper planning and the right business model, you can even increase output by 300%.

Here are 4 actionable tips to increase business productivity:

Identify Your Core Business Functions – Before you go through the process of finding a Virtual Assistant, review your business model. If you don’t have a system in place, create one and indicate the areas of responsibility, frameworks and processes.

Identify your core business functions. These are the ones that translate to money in the bank. You have to dedicate most of your time managing these functions if you want your business to succeed.

Delegate Non- Core Business Functions – The other tasks which don’t fall under your core business functions are your non- core business functions. These are often referred to as “non- essential tasks”. They are important to keep the business organized but are not directly related to output.

The non- core business functions should be delegated to your Virtual Assistant. By identifying these tasks, you will have an idea of the qualifications you need for your VA.

Having a VA handle these tasks will free up time for you to oversee core business functions.

Identify 4 Goals Per Day – Studies on the behavior of regular office employees showed that the average worker only puts in 90 minutes of productive work per day. That is only a productivity rating of 20% given that there are 450 minutes for productive work per day.

Using 90 minutes as your baseline, it is realistic to accomplish 4 goals per day. Dedicate 90 minutes of effort per goal. By effort, this means 110%, laser guided focus on accomplishing the task. There should be no distractions.

This will translate to 360 minutes or 6 hours of productive work per day. Give yourself a 30 minute break after 90 minutes. The break will be used to recharge; rest up and clear your mind before you work on the next goal.

By following this business model, you would be able to increase your productivity from 20% to 300% everyday. Across the week, you would increase your accomplishments from 5 goals to 20 goals. Thus, you exponentially accelerate the growth of your business.

Track Your Progress – Every end of the week, meet with your Virtual Assistant and do a review of business performance. Do a summary of tasks that were accomplished and those that were left pending.

Discuss difficulties, issues and other concerns that inhibited progress. Review statistics, figures and website analytics to have a reliable basis for recommendations and courses of action.

Is this a perfect business model for productivity? No because not all tasks are the same. You will encounter tasks that are more complicated and require more time. Perhaps on some days you will only accomplish 2; maybe even just 1. Then again, it is within the realm of possibility to even accomplish 5 or 6 goals on certain days.

The important take-away is that having the time to work directly on your core business functions would not have been possible without hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Unless you can efficiently manage your time, it will be difficult to keep your business moving forward.


How to Win the Loyalty of Your Filipino Virtual Assistants

Filipino virtual assistants are known to deliver good performance. They have a good command in English, possess good work ethics and are very pleasant to work with.

Although high compensation attracts skilled workers, Filipinos are more inclined to continue working for people who earn their respect and trust. Loyalty is a virtue that Filipinos adhere to and once it is earned they will be with you from beginning to end.

Finding the right people for your team is important to ensure continued success in business. When you have loyal members, you can be assured that they share your vision and dedication. How do you make them stay once you have found the right people for the job?

Here are helpful ways to win the loyalty of your Filipino virtual assistants.

Maintain good communication. This will foster trust. An open line of communication will allow all issues to be dealt with properly.

Filipinos are non-confrontational by nature, so they need to be pushed a little to talk. One sided conversations will only turn them off. They will sincerely appreciate a boss who encourages them to speak up and be honest.

An open environment will certainly boost their morale and motivate them to deliver expectations. Filipino virtual assistants are sure to stay through thick and thin once their trust is earned.

Establish a positive working relationship. Filipinos are well known for their optimism. They perform best when working for people who know how to motivate them to perform well.

Acknowledge their efforts when they meet expectations. There will be mistakes along the way but constructive criticism will help strengthen your working relationship. When your Filipino Virtual Assistant hits a snag, hear him out first. Be patient and discuss how things can be done better.

They are very resilient and willing to learn from their mistakes. Positive reinforcement will help your Virtual Assistants get back on track and remain steadfastly loyal to you.

Respect and learn the culture. In the virtual workforce, cultural differences is no longer an issue. In fact, this is one of the keys to the success of this paradigm.

People from around the globe are able to work together while apart regardless of different backgrounds. If you want them to stay with you, learn more about the Filipinos. This will help you have a better understanding of the people you wish to stay on your team.

Learn about their customs, traditions and business practices. It would also help to take note of their holidays. Although the virtual world is exempted from holidays, it will help you understand why they may need some time off.

Do not worry too much about lagging behind, Filipinos are not imposing so if they have to work even on holidays they will.

Foster teamwork. Filipino virtual assistants are excellent team players. They just need a good leader to help them realize the value of their role in the group.

Connect them with other members of your team and instill in them the importance of working together. This will strengthen their sense of loyalty. When they are made aware of their place, your virtual assistants will not entertain thoughts of leaving the group.

There is a very good reason why the Philippines continues to lead the world in global outsourced services: the Filipino is a world class worker! Contract the services of a Filipino Virtual Assistant and find out how much easier and better life and business can get.