More Places To Visit While You Are Having Fun In Stone Mountain GA

We have established that Stone Mountain Park is the place to be. There are all kinds of interesting cities all over the map, but Stone Mountain, Georgia sure does have a unique, warm and peaceful appeal. It is the type of place that could remind locals and vacationers alike what life is all about. Well, your vacation experience awaits you. You are already prepared, but allow me to tell you some more places of interest to visit in Stone Mountain GA.

Visit the Old South. This is said to be an area that takes you back to the 1800s. Reading the reviews and seeing how this attraction runs right into the same Stone Mountain I keep reading about just seriously makes me want to teleport there to lay eyes on all of this.

People talk about the fact that everyone there is friendly, and you can eat barbecue in the Old South area that is said to be extremely delicious. There is a blacksmith, a glass blower, a plantation home and evidently a collection of Antebellum structures. It’s almost impossible to manifest exactly what you read in the reviews into a visual because there is just so much described.

Each person talks about what the experience means to them. I read one review that was only about the restaurant, and then I read another that was all about the scene. I could go on and on because each of the reviews is from a different angle. And each can’t possibly describe the scene in its totality.

Seriously, this place seems like the most romantic, heartwarming place I have ever heard of in my life. No place is perfect, but imagine spending time there with someone you love or your entire family. It would be like Christmas in July. Or better yet, just visit Stone Mountain during Christmas.

I still didn’t make it to the rest of the attractions. I had the intention of moving on from Old South to the rest of them, but I am still at Old South. Plus, I am still thinking about Stone Mountain Park. How cool would it be to ride to the summit tonight and kiss someone at the top, laser light show or not. Forgive me for romanticizing the place, but it does it to itself. Stone Mountain GA is ‘the’ place to visit.