Should You Outsource IT to Virtual Assistants?

If you ask the average person to describe his or her idea of what virtual assistants do, chances are you’ll hear descriptions such as “secretarial work” or “personal assistance duties” 90% of the time.

Before they became virtual, home-based employees were tasked primarily to handle secretarial work and personal assistance duties. But when the Internet started to take shape; particularly in the 1990’s with dial-up services, the virtual assistant position began to take shape.

Today, the virtual assistance industry is teeming with a variety of talent. You can find a virtual assistant who is qualified to oversee any service your business requires.

Does that include IT services?

The answer is “Yes”.

IT or Information Technology has remained an in-demand skill. This is especially true in the present age because life and work has increasingly become dependent on technology.

In fact outsourcing IT services is a booming segment in virtual assistance work. More companies and businesses are looking to outsource IT services because it is a cheaper, yet equally effective option than putting up an in-house department. IT- related work has been one of the most popular online jobs since 2014.

A comprehensive study made by online jobsite giant and freelancer marketplace Elance-Upwork revealed the following numbers that support the growing demand for virtual IT services:

$486 Million spent on technology services
$83 Million spent on website design and multimedia
$71 Million spent on mobile technology
43% growth in the career earnings of IT freelancers
68% increase in the demand for website designers
54% increase in the demand for front-end web developers
45% increase in the demand for iOS mobile developers
111% increase in job growth for 3D Design
61% increase in job growth for Source Code Management

The countries that are extensively contracting the services of virtual assistants are economic powerhouses such as:

The United States
The United Kingdom

According to Elance, most of the virtual assistants or freelancers are coming from the Philippines, Bangladesh, United States, Romania and Russia.

The growth in popularity of outsourcing IT services from these developed countries prove that contracting virtual assistants to manage website design, software development and computer graphics design is a viable idea.

Demand for IT services is expected to increase in 2017 due to the following factors:

Increasing number of smart phone users; it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 6.1 Billion smart phones operating in the world.

Growing importance of having mobile website design or a dedicated mobile website for your business. Unless your website is accessible by mobile gadgets, it will not benefit your business.

Increasing popularity of mobile software applications. People are becoming more dependent on mobile apps to function in their everyday lives. It isn’t just about finding a taxi service or counting calories. Business applications are in demand to support enterprises that are more mobile.

Increasing demand and growth of online business. The E-Commerce industry generates US$3 Trillion per year. You can expect more online entrepreneurs proliferate the Internet over the next few years.

So if you’re planning to have a website or a software app for your business, don’t hesitate to consider delegating these services to virtual assistants. Not only will you save money, but you will get top quality service and world class products.

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