A number of EU countries have become a very attractive place for investing in the real estate market. Many countries grant investors’ residency if you invest a certain amount in the real estate property. Some countries even give you citizenship. Another advantage of investing in the EU real-estate market is that you can get free access to the Schengen countries without visas or passports. This scheme is called ‘golden visa.’ We have a partnership with the following real estate agents who help us in getting our clients to the EU real estate market. Here is a list of few of these agencies.



This company helps those who are interested in investing in Portugal. They help with the management of real estate by updating records, assessments, tenant management, purchasing, economic evaluation of projects, etc. They help in choosing the best real estate investment in terms of location, cost and potential return on investment.

Henley & Partners


The company helps individuals to invest in the EU market. They have the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with the real estate market of EU.

Blackstone Real Estate


They help in real estate investments in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. They help to get the best return for their clients by investing in these markets.

Partnership with these firms helps us to enter the European market and help our clients with everything they need to know before investing in EU.

Each year, millions of Americans get into the real estate business for the first time. Whether they are simply purchasing their first home or looking to begin investing, this leap is always filled with uncertainty. The real estate market is continuously evolving but has shown rewards and comeback in recent years.