Take A Trip To Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is one of most popular attractions in Georgia. The park is fun to visit any time of the year and there are exciting activities going on all during the year. There are always special activities going on at all time during the year and you can always catch a showing of the laser show that happens every night. Read on to learn more about Stone Mountain and why you should visit.

Stone Mountain has rides, entertainment, shopping, dining and even live shows. The park centers on Stone Mountain which is the largest piece of granite in the world. The mountain features carvings and it makes a very impressive backdrop to the park. You can start off your day by visiting the mountain, and then you can take a break and go to the Crossroads area where you can choose from a variety of dining options and catch a live show. You can also spend some time shopping at one of the many shopping areas in the area.

There are other attractions to enjoy at Stone Mountain as well. You can take the family on an amazing skyride over the park. The views are amazing and the skyride is a fun thing to do. You will enjoy the safe ride high above the park where you can take pictures and enjoy the fresh air.

The railroad is another thing you won’t want to miss. There is an amazing scenic railroad that takes you around the entire park. The ride is very relaxing and it is a fun trip for riders of all ages. Make sure to visit the farm and barn as well. There are rides that you enjoy and there is also a museum.

You can spend the whole day at the Stone Mountain Park and there is something for the entire family to enjoy. If you want to have a fun day out and enjoy an awe-inspiring park, then you are going to want to visit Stone Mountain Park and spend some time touring and exploring this beautiful area.

The park is a must-see if you are in Georgia and you are not going to grow tired of the amazing scenery and beauty of the park. Stone Mountain has thrilled generations of people and you will make some amazing memories when you visit this beautiful park. Stone Mountain is amazing.