How a Virtual Assistant can Maximize Your Social Media Campaign

One of the most important tasks you should delegate to your Virtual Assistant is social media marketing. Many people associate social media with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But social media marketing is an entirely different endeavor than just posting images of your dessert or the latest meme on Donald Trump.

With a clear purpose and a correct strategy, your social media accounts could help increase sales for your business.

Just because you are active in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram does not make you a social media expert. A successful social media campaign needs thought, design and implementation. It also requires time which as a business owner, you do not have.

This is why many business owners or entrepreneurs delegate social media marketing to virtual assistants that have experience and expertise on running campaigns.

How will a Virtual Assistant maximize your social media campaign?

Design the Creative Brief – The strategy design summarizes the purpose, objectives, vision, courses of action and time-table of your social media campaign. These are compiled and presented to the client as the Creative Brief. The content of the Creative Brief shall be based on research conducted by the Virtual Assistant. Research methodologies include online references, surveys and interview.

Choose the Social Networks – Not all social networks are the same. Each network caters to a specific community and has its own culture. Your Virtual Assistant will identify the best social networks for your business. The decision will be based on research done for the Creative Brief and should support the campaign. A typical strategy for startups would be:

  • Twitter – Market Acquisition
  • Facebook – Content Distribution
  • LinkedIn – Content Distribution and Networking

Organize the Team – A Virtual Assistant may ask you to bring in other virtual assistants who could micro-manage specific areas of social media marketing. For example:

  • Content Writer – Write blogs, articles for the website, Facebook, Linked.
  • SEO Professional – Optimize website pages and all content for publication.
  • Graphics Designer – Come up with catchy designs for the social media pages.

The Social Media VA will attend to the posting schedule of all blogs, direct engagement with respondents and qualifying potential connections.

Implement the Schedule – Social media networks have their own set of nuances. The frequency of posts, length and content will widely differ depending on the network. Here are a few examples:

  • Twitter
    Length – 71 to 100 characters
    Frequency – 3 Tweets per day
  • Facebook
    Length – 40 characters
    Frequency – 2 Posts per day
  • LinkedIn
    Length – 25 words
    Frequency – Once a day
  • Blogs
    Length – 1,600 words
    Frequency – 3 times a week
  • Google Plus
    Length – 60 words
    Frequency – 3 Posts a day

The Virtual Assistant will prepare and strictly follow a posting schedule. All content will be prepared by the Content Writer.

Provide Consistent Analysis – Online marketing including social media is an evolving process. It is not realistic to expect your campaign to hit a home run right away. Your Virtual Assistant knows changes on the selection of social media networks, scheduling and content may have to change until such time your business gains consistent traction.

The Virtual Assistant will be studying online analytics to have a clearer picture on how the social media campaign is shaping up and performing.

Social media marketing is an efficient and effective way to create greater exposure for your business. It may take time to bear fruit but surely you will end up with more followers and enhanced awareness on your products and services than when you first started. Converting these into sales will be another matter that can also be done by a Virtual Assistant.

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